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Il Monstro
Legend has it that 3 young men from London found in each other a mutual hatred of mainstream culture and the smug, self congratulating attitudes of the shameless idiots that promote it.
To combat this brain-dead conditioning of the masses the 3 frustrated dudes found that they could deflect the depressing effects of the modern human condition via the medium of music. 
The conception complete, a scream in the night of 'it's alive, it's alive' rang out over old London town heralding the birth of brutal and savage sounds.
Aiming to express what they felt on a primal level, out went sophistication and smart-ass ideas, in came crudeness and dumb answers to even dumber questions.
Il Monstro is the untamed and unashamed side-effect to the boredom of modern life and a reaction to the bombardment of dressed-up inferior popular culture. 
With no escape from the dull and average dross that is so proudly presented by media morons as culture, and left feeling let down and blatantly ripped-off, these 3 angry men wanted to look the fucker in the eye ask it to step outside to duke it out.

Zak             Guitar/Vox
Jay             Bass
Simon        Drums

Download these free tracks from the first
Il Monstro recording
Live, Deaf 'n' Dumb.
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IL Monstro 05 i'm so bored

IL Monstro 07 Sex zombie


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